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About Dr. Berkowsky
Natural Health Science System™

Dr Bruce Berkowsky

Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C.President of Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, Inc., is the founder/teacher of the Natural Health Science System™ which he has developed over the course of his 35 years of research and private practice, and includes: traditional naturopathy (N.M.D., MRN, CTN); herbology (M.H.); nutrition (Ph.D.); homeopathy (DHM, H.M.C.); massage and bodywork (NCTMB); aromatherapy (cert.); constitutional iridology (cert.) as well as East/West healing arts/exercises/bodywork.

Dr. Berkowsky founded his Spiritual PhytoEssencing (which employs individualized essential oil blends and homeopathic-style dilutions derived from those blends to effect deep soul-level healing) based upon a synthesis of his experience using specific aspects of aromatherapy, herbal medicine and folklore, physiology, anthroposophical medicine, classical homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, depth psychology, color therapy, gemstone healing and the Kabbalah.

Dr. Berkowsky presents in-depth webinars, workshops and a distance-learning course. For over 35 years he has formulated sophisticated natural nutritional and herbal supplements for Nature's Design, a cutting-edge, quality-conscious company and also formulates his exquisite 100% pure AromAnita™ essential oil blends.

Dr. Berkowsky and has contributed articles to many magazines, including: Massage and Bodywork; Aromatherapy Today; Total Health; Health Keepers; Health Freedom News; Alternative Medicine Digest; Alive!; DermaScope and Spa Magazine as well as several international journals, including: British Naturopathic Journal, The Journal Of The American Naturopathic Medical Association, EXPLORE! For Professionals; The International Journal of Aromatherapy; In Essence; The Journal of The Council on Nutrition of The American Chiropractic Assoc. He has been a popular guest on numerous radio and TV talk-shows. He writes two internationally acclaimed monthly e-journals: Nature's Therapies On-Line Journal and The Journal Of Spiritual PhytoEssencing.

Dr. Berkowsky is now retired from his Natural Health Science practice both to focus on his Spiritual PhytoEssencing practice and teaching and to complete various books and DVDs based upon his powerful Natural Health Science System and Spiritual PhytoEssencing protocol. He is the author of the following books:

His upcoming books include:

  • Dr. Berkowsky's At-Home Health and Beauty Spa
  • Dr. Berkowsky's Flow, Motion and Power Exercise Routine
  • Dr. Berkowsky's Oxy-Vital Deep-Breathing Exercises
  • The Tao Of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils and Love, Sex and Soul
  • Essential Oils and Kabbalah

Professional Affiliations:

Member of The American Naturopathic Medical Assoc.; Member of The Registry of Naturopaths (United Kingdom); Member of the British Naturopathic Assoc.; Member of the Homeopathic Medical Assoc. (UK); Fellow and Member of the Faculty and Research Council of The British Institute of Homeopathy (He is the1994 recipient of the Hahnemann Award); Member of The National Iridology Research Assoc.; Member of The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.