What is the Natural Health Science System

What is the Natural Health Science System

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By Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C.

"Dr. Berkowsky's dedication to a truly holistic approach reflects his understanding of the need to build or restore health on all levels. His Natural Health Science System will become most important (and welcomed!) in helping to guide our quest for improved health and wellness in the 21st century. I highly recommend his work."
~ Terrence Bugno, M.D., FACR, oncologist

The major foundation stone of the Natural Health Science System is traditional naturopathy, a healing discipline established in the 19th century which views disease as the body's attempt at self-cleansing and regeneration in order to self-heal.

The human organism is designed to strive toward health, not disease. Disease is often a defensive reaction brought about by poor lifestyle habits. Therefore, the power to cure disease resides only within the patient's body, but that innate power cannot fully prevail until wrong living habits stop and the fundamental elements of life and health, in necessary measure, have been set in place, namely: proper diet; pure water; fresh air; sunlight; adequate exercise, warmth, rest and sleep; emotional harmony; proper posture.

If a substance is not fundamental to the health of the body, it's also not fundamental to disease treatment. From this view comes the most important therapeutic principle of traditional naturopathy: Disease treatment must be based upon the use of the fundamental elements of life in accordance with the needs and abilities of the patient.

Over the centuries, naturopathic doctors developed many creative, highly effective therapies using Nature's life- and health-giving elements. Originally many of these therapies were applied within the setting of naturopathic health spas. In the 19th and early-20th centuries, there were numerous spas which featured sunbathing, hiking in the fresh air, hydrotherapies, deep breathing, pure water, nourishing food, massage and lots of rest and sleep. However, with the introduction of "miracle drugs" along with the hectic lifestyle of our era came the misconception that these simple therapies were somehow quaint and outdated, popularizing a demand for the "quick-fix."

Ancient physicians understood that human beings were inseparable from the natural universe. Disease was considered a result of people being alienated from Nature. They used fundamental elements such as fresh air, pure water, sunlight, natural diet and exercise not only to quell symptoms in the short-term, but to reintegrate the patient with Nature in order to sustain health in the long-term.

Hippocrates maintained that disease must be treated in accordance with natural laws. Also, when the great 17th-century physician Thomas Syndenham (renowned as the "English Hippocrates") lay dying, he told his weeping pupils that he was content to die as he was leaving behind three physicians greater than he ever was. One of the pupils eagerly inquired, "Three great masters? Who are they?" Syndenham replied: "Water, air and exercise."

In the 1930s, famed Swedish health teacher Are Waerland began his Sun Viking movement. Many of his students experienced greatly improved health and even recovery from serious illnesses. Waerland taught that disease was a disturbance of a person's life-rhythm, established through millions of years of biological evolution. He told his students to look outside the body to environmental conditions as primary factors that create health or disease. Waerland felt that health could only be produced, and disease eliminated, by restoring the original human life-rhythm, which depends upon an unhindered relationship between the human body and the external factors of Nature.

The above compelling logic supports the practice of artfully employing the fundamental elements of life as the primary tools for restoring and maintaining health. Treatment methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy and herbal medicine are highly valuable, but they are of secondary importance here, because their full effectiveness is dependent upon the extent to which the fundamental elements of life are provided or denied.

As traditional naturopathic therapies played a crucial role in my own recovery in the 1980s from ulcerative colitis, I realized their value and place in the modern lifestyle. Therefore, I have adapted many classic naturopathic spa-based techniques for instant, inexpensive and easy home use. My readers and personal clients as well as those of other doctors for whom I am a consultant have employed these adaptations countless times over the years with remarkable results.

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