Nature's Therapies Booklets and Recodings by Dr. Berkowsky

Dr. Berkowsky's Booklets and Recordings

"I am impressed with Dr. Berkowsky's ability to synthesize multiple disciplines into a cohesive, understandable and usable format. I recommend his Spiritual PhytoEssencing courses for those bold enough to go beyond the mundane. The application of essential oils in this and other unique, creative ways will likely be valuable tools in the paradigm shift that healing, as we know it, needs to make."
~ Dean Chier, M.D., One Sky Medicine

The Knowledge of How to Heal Yourself is Your Only True Health Insurance

Amid today's world health crises, those who possess natural healing skills are the ones most likely to survive the onrushing, seemingly unstoppable "black clouds" obscuring the health horizon. Nature's Therapies is a vital, internationally acclaimed journal designed to be a true health-building teaching tool. Emphasis is on practical instruction in: natural dietetics; herbology; homeopathy; nature-cure; strategic natural supplementation; hydrotherapy; aromatherapy, therapeutic exercise; iridology; therapeutic bodywork; healthful cooking mastery and more.

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Berkowsky developed the Natural Health Science System which successfully interfaces traditional nature-cure and modern clinical research with many of the principles and practices of ancient Oriental healing arts. An inexpensive yet priceless investment in the Nature's Therapies Journal—a cutting-edge publication for serious health-seekers—can be an important step in your natural health-care education.

The following are only some of the Booklets and Recordings that contain invaluable content:

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Dr. Berkowsky's Chronic Cold Feet

Chronic cold feet may be a sign of circulatory-, nerve-, and kidney weaknesses. Proper attention to the maintenance of warm feet sustains the resisting power of the organism and helps to facilitate recovery from disease.

Fundamental Healing: The True Nature Of Health And Disease

For well over 35 years, Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, founder/teacher of the Natural Health Science System, has devoted himself to the study and practice of the art and science of natural healing. He has constructed his unique and dynamic system of health creation from a synthesis of the complementary aspects of traditional naturopathy, Western science, homeopathy, essential oil therapy, the Eastern healing arts and anthroposophical science. Thus, modern physiological and biochemical knowledge has been incorporated into a context that acknowledges the unity of human life with the fundamental elements and rhythms of nature.

Fundamental Healing is a booklet composed of selected sections from his upcoming masterwork, Dr. Berkowsky's At-Home Health And Beauty Spa, a book designed to help everyone understand how, at little cost, you can make your home a place of deep healing. In this booklet, Dr. Berkowsky provides an understanding of the traditional naturopathic principles of the true nature of health and disease and follows with instructions regarding healthful diet and cooking (including an original recipe section), skin-brushing, breathing exercise (includes an entire breathing exercise routine with pictures), cool, warm and alternating cool/warm home hydrotherapies (all you need is a shower and a tub) and cell salt therapy. Anyone interested in taking charge of their own health will not want to have this booklet.

Dr. Berkowsky's Flow, Motion and Power Exercise System

Dr. Berkowsky designed the Flow, Motion and Power Exercise Workout, which derives from my many years of eclectic training in both Western and Eastern exercise disciplines, to integrate strength, endurance and flexibility in equal measure. The complete system is very extensive but basic routine described in this fully illustrated booklet powerfully demonstrates its fundamental dynamics.

Building A Powerful Immune System

Our immune systems face a daily onslaught of challenges. The immune system is designed to defend you not only against millions of pathogenic microbes and parasites, but also against environmental toxins and invasive climatic conditions such as excessive heat, cold and dampness. Emotional stress, improper diet, lack of exercise and adequate rest and sleep are just some of the factors that undermine the operations of the immune system.

In this comprehensive and illuminating presentation, Dr. Berkowsky provides rare insight, via his seamless melding of pivotal knowledge from modern science, traditional naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine, into how the immune system works, the challenges it faces every day of our lives and what you can do to strengthen it in order to maximize resisting power, recovery power as well as overall vitality and youthfulness.

Balancing Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium: A Central Pillar of Nutritional Well-Being

For more than 25 years, Dr. Berkowsky has been a formulator of highly sophisticated nutritional and herbal supplements for the cutting edge company Nature's Design. His various supplements are considered by many to be the finest of their kind anywhere in the world.

In his many years of research and practice, Dr. Berkowsky has found that an understanding of the operations of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, on both physiological and emotional levels, is absolutely foundational to attaining and preserving physical health and emotional balance.

In this very important, highly detailed presentation, Dr. Berkowsky not only provides in-depth insight into the physiological roles of these minerals and the symptoms and disorders associated with their deficiencies, but also highlights the relationship of certain emotional themes (e.g., feelings of insecurity, feelings of abandonment, grief, etc.) with each of these minerals. Rare understandings provided by a master of therapeutic nutrition.