Spiritual PhytoEssencing and Natural Health Science System Products

Spiritual PhytoEssencing & Natural Health Science System Products

The art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing, developed by Dr. Berkowsky over the course of last 16 years, uses customized combinations of essential oils for deep soul-level healing work, which involves what he refers to as archetypal blending. Learn more Here »

Dr. Bruce Berkowsky is a master practitioner, and one of the world's preeminent teachers, of deep psycho-spiritual healing work with essential oils (testimonials). In addition to essential oils providing benefit on a physical level, they also exert a strong influence upon the psycho-spiritual plane....

"I am impressed with Dr. Berkowsky's ability to synthesize multiple disciplines into a cohesive, understandable and usable format. I recommend his Spiritual PhytoEssencing courses for those bold enough to go beyond the mundane. The application of essential oils in this and other unique, creative ways will likely be valuable tools in the paradigm shift that healing, as we know it, needs to make."
~ Dean Chier, M.D., One Sky Medicine
"As a student of miasms for the last 8-years, I have found in Dr. Berkowsky's methodology new insights and applications that take the soul beyond the existential questions and bombardments to free and expanded purpose, health and vitality. I am grateful to have found his Spiritual PhytoEssencing work!"
~ Joy Maryanha, Owner, Founder Integrated Bodyworks, a center for alternative healing modalities

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