Skin Brushing Vital Chi Products by Dr. Berkowsky

Vital Chi Skin Brushing Products

Vital Chi Skin-Brushing can sustain or reestablish the skin's functional integrity and youthful glow. The skin is as major an organ as the heart, lungs and kidneys. Its primary functions include: respiration, excretion, blood and lymph circulation, immunity and the conduction of vital chi. However, unlike other vital organs, the skin can be non-invasively accessed and mediate systemic rejuvenation by a variety of therapeutic techniques, including proper skin-brushing. Vital Chi Skin-Brushing is a particularly powerful therapy which can positively impact the entire body. Learn More »

Vital Chi Skin Brushing Quick Start Routine

"In my chiropractic practice, I am always searching for innovative therapies to enhance my work. I find Dr. Berkowsky's Skin Brushing system to be a powerful way to support musculoskeletal and circulatory tone, and I strongly recommend it to my patients." ~ Bruce Levy, D.C.

Variations of Skin Brushing have been practiced for thousands of years. For many centuries, the Japanese employed vigorous Skin Brushing with loofa sponges as a prelude to their traditional hot bath. Prior to bathing (following a hard training session or physical competition) ancient Greek athletes used strigiles: specialized spoon-like skin scrapers to remove the grime of exertion and encourage circulation. Among the Cherokee Indians, Skin Brushing with dried corn cobs to enhance skin beauty and durability was once a traditional practice. The Comanche Indians scrubbed their skin using sand from the Texas river bottoms; the Texas Rangers followed their example.


The Vital Chi Skin Brushing Program is a unique and powerful technique which impacts positively the body's entire functional spectrum. The skin is as crucial a major organ as the heart, lungs and kidneys. Its primary functions include: respiration, excretion, blood and lymph circulation, immunity and the conduction of vital force, or Vital Chi. However, unlike the other vital organs, the skin can be non-invasively accessed by a variety of therapeutic practices, including proper Skin Brushing, in order to create greater well-being. General Skin Brushing has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures but not until Dr. Berkowsky designed this system has there been a thoroughly researched and scientifically organized system.

Rejuvenating, Beautifying, Relaxing

Not only is the Vital Chi Skin Brushing System good for your body, it also feels wonderful, being at once invigorating and relaxing. The skin feels alive and the skin-brusher feels revitalized in mind and body. In the realm of natural healing, few things are so dynamic, rejuvenating and inexpensive. This program can serve as a central feature on the road to longevity and true health.

Based upon both Western physiology and the principles of Chinese medicine, the Vital Chi Skin Brushing System is precisely orchestrated to enhance blood and lymph circulation and the movement of Vital Chi. Also, it supports skin beauty via reduction of cellular build-up and cellulite, stimulation of sweat and oil glands, strengthening of collagen and elastin fibers as well as skin pores.

In addition to the complete, fully illustrated Skin Brushing program described in the first edition of this book, this expanded second edition of the book also provides a detailed discussion of two follow-up shower therapies.

Also provided is a suggested menu of essential oils (along with suggested methods for their use) that can be applied after the Skin Brushing and follow-up shower to add still another powerful dimension to this at-home, health-building protocol.

Additionally, this expanded edition contains a highly detailed FAQS section. The Vital Chi Skin Brushing Routine has been used by many thousands of people since 1994 and the FAQs section provides answers to those questions that Dr. Berkowsky has often received and that he feels have the most relevance for all readers.

Easy to Learn and Apply

Despite its unparalleled sophistication, this system is remarkably easy to learn and practice. It has been used by both health-care professionals in their practices and the untrained layperson to equally marvelous benefit. (The book opens flat for convenient use.)

Personally narrated by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, this video provides clear, concise instructions and related information. Each sequence is filmed to allow for adequate opportunity to observe, follow along and quickly learn the various brush-strokes.

Anti-aging promotes beautiful, youthful skin!

  • Breaks-down cellulite!
  • Full circulatory workout!
  • Assists Lymph Drainage!
  • Stimulates acupuncture meridians!
  • Strengthens the bioenergy system!
  • Revitalizes body and mind!
  • Developed scientifically for vibrant health!

Assists Exfoliation:

The outermost layer of skin cells which serve to protect the underlying skin layers are not living cells, thus, they are continuously shed and replaced via the multiplication and upward movement of living skin cells. Inactive aging skin does not shed dead cells as easily as does youthful skin, so it is susceptible to cellular build-up which accounts, in part, for the dry, thick, leathery-look of older skin. The most obvious mechanical effect of Skin Brushing is the detachment of dead skin cells.

Excites Physiological Functions:

Proper Skin Brushing supports lymphatic drainage of the skin by:

  1. accelerating filtration from the intercellular spaces into the lymph vessels;
  2. the emptying of the smaller vessels into the larger lymph vessels;
  3. assisting the flow of lymph through the lymph nodes.

Skin Brushing similarly increases venous blood-flow. The veins carry the blood back to the heart. Return blood-flow through the veins is not propelled as much by direct heart action as by muscular contraction and vein constriction. Skin Brushing excites and tonifies the muscles and nerves of the skin, thus, it improves venous circulation. These same mechanical effects directly enhance capillary circulation as evidenced by the skin-flush and feeling of warmth that Skin Brushing imparts.

The skin is impregnated with nerve end-fibers which play an indispensable role in nervous system activity. This explains the remarkable relaxing effect, including decreased muscular tension, elicited by Skin Brushing. Decreased muscular tension affords better lung capacity, digestion, bowel movements, blood circulation, lymph drainage as well as clearer thinking.

Strengthens the Bioenergy System:

Unimpeded Vital Chi flow is essential to the prevention and cure of disease. Since the Vital Chi meridians course through the skin, they are readily accessible to the ministrations of Skin Brushing. When these channels are massaged, the movement of energy along their length is stimulated and the delivery of Vital Chi to their associated organs greatly improved. Proper Skin Brushing can also exert a profound influence upon the Wei Chi: the undifferentiated layer of Vital Chi which hovers near the skin's surface.

Benefits Mature Skin:

Decreased sweat- and oil gland functions are features of aging. The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands coats the surface of the skin and prevents excessive water-loss through evaporation. Proper Skin Brushing stimulates both the sweat- and oil glands, and in this way, contributes to the restoration of moist, supple skin. Also, it strengthens the skin pores through which the skin is moisturized and cleansed, and oxygen and CO2 are exchanged. Aging and devitalization of the skin often results in pore-enlargement and flaccidity due to loss of skin tone and depleted Wei Chi.

Promotes Skin Beauty:

Skin Brushing makes a strong impression upon the dermis (the skin layer that contains an abundance of blood and lymph vessels), nerves, glands and elastin and collagen fibers. The dermis provides nutrients and moisture to all the skin layers and lends contour and flexibility. When the dermis ages, its connective tissue fibers reduce, rigidify, lose resilience and even break into pieces, causing the skin's support muscles to lose tone and volume and the skin to dehydrate and collapse into sags, wrinkles and lines.

Healthy connective tissue and muscles are products of efficient nutrient support and oxygenation, a waste-free milieu, optimal water balance and moderate exercise, all of which are promoted by regular Skin Brushing. The gentle stretching of connective tissues, afforded by proper Skin Brushing, helps to increase and regenerate the production of collagen and elastin fibers.

Cellulite is a structural disturbance of fat tissue. The fat content of cellulite-containing tissue is normal, but fibrous nodules surrounding the fat cells give affected skin areas their typical orange-peel appearance. Cellulite formation is related, in part, to local vein and lymph congestion. Proper Skin Brushing can help to alleviate this condition.