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What is Spiritual PhytoEssencing

"Dr. Berkowsky's pioneering work using essential oils for soul-spiritual harmonization is a remarkable synthesis of healing and spiritual knowledge woven into a tapestry that is at once elegant and profound yet perfectly tooled for practical application. Spiritual PhytoEssencing is an extraordinary means by which the human soul-level can be engaged and the course of lives changed."
~ Aldrick Chu Fong, M.D., oncologist
Spiritual PhytoEssencing

The art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing, developed by Dr. Berkowsky over the course of last 16 years, uses customized combinations of essential oils for deep soul-level healing work, which involves what he refers to as archetypal blending.

The term archetype refers to a unique intangible construct of the soul that generates a characteristic pattern of perceptible emotional and physical expressions. In turn, these expressions—such as temperament, personality traits, reactional tendencies and diverse symptoms of dysfunction, such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, stomach weakness, etc.—are considered to be archetypal images.

The basic premise of Spiritual PhytoEssencing is: In order to be able to ameliorate soul-level disharmony, the essential oil blender must engage with the archetypes embedded within the fabric of the soul rather than with the archetypal images which manifest as emotional and physical symptoms.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing is a synthesis of certain aspects of: aromatherapy, doctrine of signatures, classical homeopathy, modern physiology, Kabbalah, philosophy, anthroposophical science, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and folklore, depth psychology, gemstone healing and color therapy.

Dr. Berkowsky has used this synthesis to develop individualized portraits of the inner soul nature of each of the oils used in Spiritual PhytoEssencing blending. Thus far he has elaborated highly detailed portraits of 110 different oils. Accordingly, each of the oils represents a unique plant soul with a characteristic mixture of prominent archetypal qualities.

Since each soul is characterized by an array of archetypal patterns, soul-level healing work is best approached with a customized blend of essential oils rather than a single oil. In Spiritual PhytoEssencing, the construction of a custom essential oil blend is similar to painting a portrait. Accordingly, the custom blend development process can be characterized as "painting a portrait in oils."

The relative effectiveness of a custom oil blend will depend upon the degree of congruence there is between a person's inner soul image and the soul image constructed by the combination of plant souls within the blend. It is this congruence that will encourage the person's soul to absorb the soul-force generated by the plant soul combination and use it to reorient toward its divine source.

Given the wherewithal, the soul's first priority is to overcome the estrangement between the self-conscious personal self and the higher self. When these aspects of soul existence are reintegrated, the latter reassumes its natural hierarchical superiority and once again contextualizes and guides the operations of daily existence. Clearly, this wholeness of being is a crucial component of mind/body wellness.

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