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Dr. Bruce Berkowsky

Dr. Bruce Berkowsky is a master practitioner, and one of the world's preeminent teachers, of deep psycho-spiritual work with essential oils. If you would like to study with him without ever having to leave your home, consider the two upcoming webinar-based training opportunities.

Below are a few testimonials from students that have taken Dr. Berkowsky's webinars and courses:

"Dr. Berkowsky's pioneering work using essential oils for soul-spiritual harmonization is a remarkable synthesis of healing and spiritual knowledge woven into a tapestry that is at once elegant and profound yet perfectly tooled for practical application. Spiritual PhytoEssencing is an extraordinary means by which the human soul-level can be engaged and the course of lives changed."
~ Aldrick Chu Fong, M.D., oncologist
"Dr. Berkowsky's dedication to a truly holistic approach reflects his understanding of the need to build or restore health on all levels. His Natural Health Science System will become most important (and welcomed!) in helping to guide our quest for improved health and wellness in the 21st century. I highly recommend his work."
~ Terrence Bugno, M.D., FACR, oncologist
"I am impressed with Dr. Berkowsky's ability to synthesize multiple disciplines into a cohesive, understandable and usable format. I recommend his Spiritual PhytoEssencing courses for those bold enough to go beyond the mundane. The application of essential oils in this and other unique, creative ways will likely be valuable tools in the paradigm shift that healing, as we know it, needs to make."
~ Dean Chier, M.D., One Sky Medicine
"Dr. Berkowsky's profound Spiritual PhytoEssencing courses are truly life-changing. His remarkable integration of essential oil properties with numerous modalities--including Kabbalah, homeopathy, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, music and color, to name a few--is testament to his genius at comprehending the depths of these complex models. He weaves them together into an artful tapestry and presents them so that one can grasp and apply them effectively. As one pursues the treasures that the study of nature and health provide, Dr. Berkowsky's Spiritual PhytoEssencing courses are essential to increasing mastery, thus heightening the contribution one can make to the lives of others through both professional practice and daily living."
~ Kevin R. Smith, Vice-President Nature's Design, Inc.
"I would highly recommend Dr. Berkowsky's Spiritual PhytoEssencing courses to anyone wishing to make a profound difference in their lives, as well as in the lives of others. This class is for serious students wishing to gain an understanding of how to get to the core issues of many of life's challenges. Dr. Berkowsky has integrated many ancient philosophies into a system that is both brilliant and effective in making changes in people's lives. I have been in the field of alternative health-care for 20-years and his course is changing the way I practice as well as challenging me to greater heights."
~ Linda-Anne Kahn, Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Lymphedema and Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist, Owner and Founder of Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa & Wellness Center, San Diego
"I view Spiritual PhytoEssencing as the Kabbalah of essential oils. Dr. Berkowsky has designed an elegant synthesis of classical healing systems prominently featuring the Kabbalah. Spiritual PhytoEssencing opens up a whole new world of understanding of the soul nature of essential oils as they relate to human beings. I highly recommend this work to anyone who recognizes that the soul is the inner point of all human manifestations, and thus, of both health and disease."
~ Bruce Levy, D.C.
"As a student of miasms for the last 8-years, I have found in Dr. Berkowsky's methodology new insights and applications that take the soul beyond the existential questions and bombardments to free and expanded purpose, health and vitality. I am grateful to have found his Spiritual PhytoEssencing work!"
~ Joy Maryanha, Owner, Founder Integrated Bodyworks, a center for alternative healing modalities
"I have had the privilege of knowing some very fine teachers and leaders in the field of aromatherapy. The Spiritual PhytoEssencing classes taught by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky provide the most comprehensive and insightful body of knowledge of its kind in this field. Spiritual PhytoEssencing creates a new genre because of its respect for soul connection with all life. My own concerns with the practical application of the science of spirit have been richly and deeply empowered due to the nature of this material. New students will be initially stunned by the work, and those more experienced will stand in awe of its coherency. Thank you, Dr. Berkowsky, for sharing your Aloha with such devotion."
~ Norma Tarango, Founder, President of Women of Wisdom
"Dr. Bruce Berkowsky's guest appearances proved so popular with our radio audience that the phone lines were jammed by callers with health questions for him long after each talk-show ended. One young mother who couldn't get her call through followed Dr. Berkowsky's outline of proper childhood feeding, then called me soon after to exclaim that for the first time, her 6-month-old baby slept peacefully through the night. In fact, many people whom I've known for years have benefited astoundingly from his health enhancing advice and Nature's Therapies Journal."
~ Glenn Darling, Station Manager CKRW Radio, Yukon, Canada