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2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE) Training Intensive

Presented by Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C.
Founder and teacher of the Natural Health Science System™ and Spiritual PhytoEssencing™

Please note: This is the last live training intensive that Dr. Berkowsky will be teaching. He has been teaching for 45 years and feels compelled to turn much more of his attention to writing and recording in order to expand the collection of available SPE materials and ensure that SPE continues on as a unique healing art in future generations. He will be developing new courses, but these will all be prerecorded and purchased from his website. Therefore if you would like to have the opportunity to train with Dr. Berkowsky personally in real-time, this will be your last opportunity to do so.

In this dark time of fear, loathing and disconnection from the natural world and the light of spirit, SPE provides a way for one to deeply connect with, and hold on to, what is real and eternal within and to operate from within the precincts of one's heart-going mind. In so doing, an individual can, despite the withering assault on conscious living, at once continue to make progress forward on the pathway to wholeness of being and find shelter from the current storm.

Dr Bruce Berkowsky

Webinar Course Begins April 19th and Ends June 21st


Dr. Bruce Berkowsky is a master practitioner, and one of the world's preeminent teachers, of deep psycho-spiritual healing work with essential oils. In addition to essential oils providing benefit on a physical level, they also exert a strong influence upon the psycho-spiritual plane. Dr. Berkowsky designed the art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE) to help an individual overcome the separation from one's real self – a core factor in much of the deep-seated psycho-spiritual disharmony we experience.

The real self is the deepest stratum of the self-structure, the one which directly connects to, and reflects, one's unique soul essence. The innermost aspect of the real self can be referred to as the inner spiritual self. When one operates from his or her real self as opposed to the ideal self (a compensated state a person constructs based upon the expectations and concepts of others), he or she evaluates life experiences based upon pre-thought level feeling and sensing and connection to spirit.

Operating from one's real self is the only viable pathway to self-actualization and thus the feeling of inner completion. On the other hand, charting one's course based upon the expectations and concepts of others, despite their incongruence with one's organic feeling, sensing and spirit guidance, obstructs self-actualization and leads to an inertial state of stuckness.

Plants are alive and anything living has being. In other words, plants, like humans and other animals are ensouled. In Spiritual PhytoEssencing, essential oil blends are constructed based upon the archetypal patterns of each oil's inner soul nature. Accordingly, essential oils are selected for inclusion in a customized essential blend on the basis of their congruence with certain aspects of a specific person's soul/real self archetypal pattern. Thus, when properly prepared, the completed blend represents a portrait in oils of that person's inner soul nature.

It is the encounter with soul-level congruence between the personalized blend and one's real self that encourages the latter to reassume its natural leadership role regarding the guidance of one's life course. Living totally moored within the artifice of the ideal self fosters an ongoing state of conflict arising from the incongruence between how one is informed by organic feeling, sensing and spirit connection and how one ultimately values and reacts to life experiences based upon externally controlled behavior. This state of continual incongruence must invariably lead to a state of chronic discontentment.

In the 2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Training Intensive, you will be taught how to construct these customized, life-enhancing, and even life-changing, blends.

If you would like to study with Dr. Berkowsky personally without ever having to leave your home, consider this year's webinar-based training course.

2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Training Intensive (begins April19th 2017)

As noted above, as the popularity of Dr. Berkowsky's Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE) and Natural Health Science System has grown, so have the demands on his time. The development and presentation of this annual training intensive is extraordinarily time-consuming. Therefore, the 2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Training Intensive, which begins April 19th, is the final, annual (this is the 21st year of these annual training intensives), comprehensive course which covers the entire SPE skill set. Future SPE courses will be much more limited in scope.

Accordingly, if you would like to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be trained by Dr. Berkowsky in the SPE art of customized layered blending (using oils that he has personally sourced from around the world) and SPE case analysis do not miss this opportunity to do so.

Specific Course Details

Dr. Bruce Berkowsky's 2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing

Webinar Training Intensive

Presented by Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C.

Founder and teacher of Spiritual PhytoEssencing

– Deep, soul-level healing work with essential oils

This in-depth training features:

1) In-Depth Exploration of the Inner Nature of Four Essential Oils

The 2016 Training Intensive will feature in-depth exploration of the inner nature of four essential oils – Champaca, Gingergrass, Larch Tamarack and White Spruce.

Champaca Champaca
Gingergrass Gingergrass
Larch Tamarack Larch Tamarack
White Spruce White Spruce

Within the context of the discussion of gingergrass oil, Dr. Berkowsky will contrast it with its fraternal twin - palmarosa oil. Within the context of the discussion of white spruce oil, he will contrast it with its very close relative – black spruce oil.

There is a possibility that Dr. Berkowsky will also be discussing melissa (lemon balm) oil as well. Dr. Berkowsky's classes typically run between 2 and 2.5 hours each. The first half of each class is devoted to SPE theory and review. The second half of each of the four essential oil study classes will be devoted to an in-depth exploration of the inner soul-nature of a specific essential oil.

All students will also receive the Champaca, Gingergrass, Larch Tamarack and White Spruce chapters (each chapter is typically 15 to 30 pages long) from Berkowsky's Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils.

2) Case Analysis Training: The Case of Ellen West

Ellen West

One class will be devoted to a SPE interpretation of the famous case of Ellen West, a young German woman who suffered from anorexia nervosa and other mental issues and eventually committed suicide by poisoning in 1921. She was 33 years old. Dr. Berkowsky was inspired to present a class on the Ellen West case after reading a critique by the great humanistic psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers (whose ideas are central to the theory and practice of SPE) of the mishandling of this case by the woman's psychologists (among other egregious errors, her doctor released from the sanitarium even though he was convinced she would commit suicide if he did so). Rogers was highly critical of their diagnoses and treatment methods.

Dr. Berkowsky will first review the case history and present excerpts from Dr. Rogers' critique as well as the poem Ellen West by award-winning poet Frank Bidart. He will then demonstrate how Ellen West would be viewed through the lens of SPE and how he would, based on the primary structural elements within her psychospiritual dynamics, proceed to develop a deep-acting personalized blend for her. This presentation will provide a great deal of insight regarding, specific essential oils and the development of customized personal blends.

3) Astro-Synthesis Blend Development Training

Astro-Synthesis Blend

The astro-synthesis blend is newest type of SPE personalized blend that Dr. Berkowsky has developed. This will be the first time that he will be presenting in-depth instructions for creating this type of personalized blend. Development of customized, deep-acting, soul-level healing blends is the core focus of SPE work.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE), features the use of two types of essential oil blends: constitutional and situational. The constitutional blends include the: soul constitutional blend, chakra animal imagery blend, sensory animal imagery blend, gemstone mantra blend, and astro-synthesis blend. All of these blends are customized to reflect the unique inner soul nature of one particular individual. When these blends are properly prepared they represent a portrait in oils of a given individual's inner soul nature and real self.

Situational blends are prepared to illuminate and activate key spiritual perspectives regarding specific life situations such as illness challenges, divorce, encountering a pivotal crossroad in one's life, dying, grieving, etc. Situational blends, while customized, are more limited in personal scope than constitutional custom blends, and can be formulated to be relevant for more than just one person

Given the current troubling situation in this country (which is having a rippling effect upon the rest of the world), Dr. Berkowsky, as a free bonus, will be providing a formula and blending instructions for a situational blend that will help spiritually sensitive individuals move with understanding and inner control through the gauntlet of fear, anger, despair and dark invasive energies that are now roiling the waters of our daily existence.

Regarding customized constitutional blends, in the upcoming 2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Training Intensive, Dr. Berkowsky will demonstrate how to develop a personalized astro-synthesis blend.

This method utilizes certain basic astrological polarities (sun sign and moon sign; north node and south node) and the polar relationships among the vessels on the Kabbalah's Tree of Life) into the context of Hegel's model of dialectics. Hegel's dialectical method involved arriving at the truth by beginning with a concept (e.g., love) he called thesis, considering that in contrast to a contradictory concept he termed antithesis (e.g., fear), then merging and resolving these polar opposites into a coherent synthesis.

When thesis and antithesis are merged they create a synthesis which reveals the inner relationship of the polarity and the fact that what seemed to be opposites are actually mutually sustaining. Thus, love is often reinforced by the fear of its loss, and, fear, in turn, develops when one understands the fragility of love and the potential for its loss.

The goal in astro-synthesis blending is to use specific essential oils to achieve synthesis between a person's deepest astrological polarities and within the polarities among that person's inner soul qualities as represented by the various vessels on the Tree of Life. This is a remarkably powerful method that engages with the deepest archetypal forms contained within the soul and the self-structure which emerges from it.

Once you learn how to develop this blend you will be able to prepare deep-acting psychospiritual blends for yourself or others using basic astrological polarities and the polarities among the vessels of the Kabbalah's Tree of Life.

One of the major goals of the 2017 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Training Intensive is to provide the instructions and understanding necessary to produce an effective personalized astro-synthesis blend.

Many of the students in SPE Training Intensives are new students. Dr. Berkowsky always tailors his classes to enable even first-time students to acquire the basic level of understanding and competence required to prepare SPE blends.

4) Blending Training Exercise

An important feature of this course will be a simple blending exercise during which Dr. Berkowsky will guide the students in the preparation of a simple layered blend using the oils in the class oil set.

5) Class Oil Set

Each of the annual SPE Training Intensives has included the option of purchasing an exquisite oil set. The 2017 SPE Training Intensive will be no exception. These oils, personally sourced by Dr. Berkowsky from around the world, are all of superb, precious soul-level healing quality. The sets, made available to students at a very reasonable price, is not included in the tuition fee. The oils Dr. Berkowsky makes available are of extraordinary, rare quality and most students are eager to work with them.

The eligibility to purchase the class oil set is one of the central attractions of this course. While the cost of this set is separate from the tuition fee, Dr. Berkowsky does the best he can to keep the pricing remarkably reasonable so that everyone can afford to participate in the blending exercise.

Dr. Berkowsky spends 5 to 6 months sampling oils from different distillers before finalizing the composition of the class oil set. He will only include oils that not only are grown or wild-harvested in an ecologically sensitive manner, but also are particularly rich in the plant-soul forces required for deep soul-level healing work with essential oils. Many students remark that the oils Dr. Berkowsky provides are the finest and most spiritually vibrant they have ever experienced.

As the sourcing process is still ongoing, the composition of this set of approximately 11 oils (5 ml each) will not be finalized until early March. The following oils will definitely be in the set: Golden champaca (aka champa), gingergrass, larch tamarack, lime and white spruce.

Other oils under consideration include: green myrtle, helichrysum, Lavender stoechas, melissa, orange petitgrain, Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, thyme, winter savory and African tea tree.

6) Class Recordings

All classes will be recorded and so those who have scheduling conflicts and miss a class, can review the entire presentation whenever they like, at their own pace. The recordings also allow those who did attend the class the chance to review the class material as often as desired. The recordings are made available for download approximately 4 days after each class.

Schedule of Classes

There will be 6 classes in all (plus a free bonus Q&A/student feedback class).

The course begins on April 19th and concludes in late June. This provides a casual pace that allows for more extensive between-class study and review and blending time.

First Class: Wednesday, April 19th @ 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (8:00 p.m. Eastern Time). All classes are presented at the same time.

The scheduling of classes for the remainder of the course is as follows:

Class #2: Wednesday, May 3rd

Class #3: Wednesday, May 17th

Class #4: Wednesday, May 31st

Class #5: Wednesday, June 7th

Class #6: Wednesday, June 21st

Additionally, there will be a bonus Q&A and student feedback class scheduled after the course has ended.

Continuing Education Credit and Certification

Those who complete the entire course, including the blending and potentizing, will be eligible to receive a letter recommending the issuance of 15 CE credits.

Certification Exam

Those students who participate in the 2017 SPE Training Intensive can sit for an optional certification exam. There are different levels of Spiritual PhytoEssencing certification. Those students who pass 3 certification exams are awarded the credential R.SPE.P. (Registered Spiritual PhytoEssencing Practitioner). For students who are interested in going on to earn a diploma in Spiritual PhytoEssencing and receive a Di.SPE (Diplomate of Spiritual PhytoEssencing) credential, passing the certification exam is necessary for this course to count as one of the six required Diploma Course (a tutored independent-study course) study modules.


Dr. Berkowsky is well aware that these are difficult economic times for a lot of people and so keeps tuition rates unusually low. This may be your last chance to take this comprehensive course conducted personally by Dr. Berkowsky at such low tuition rates.

Tuition covers: all 6 classes, the class recordings, the layered blending exercise as well as all class study exercises (Dr. Berkowsky designs unique, optional study exercises that the students receive between classes), 4 chapters from Berkowsky's Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils and other reference materials.

Individuals who cannot afford to pay the full tuition in one payment can contact Dr. Berkowsky to set up a comfortable, monthly installment payment plan. If you require a payment plan contact Dr. Berkowsky and he will e-mail the details to you.

Contact: drbruceb @ cnw.com

The cost of the class oil set, required for participation in the layered blending exercise, is not included in the tuition. Considering the rare quality of all the oils (personally sourced by Dr. Berkowsky), the set will be very reasonably priced in order to allow anyone who wants to participate in the blending the exercise to be able to afford to do so. The oil set can be added to a student's installment payment plan.

Early-Bird Tuition (offer ends March 5th): $245.00

Discounted Tuition - March 6nd thru March 31st: $275.00

Full Tuition - After March 31st: $295.00


Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, a registered naturopath, master herbalist and classical homeopath—is President of Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, Inc. He is the founder/teacher of both Spiritual PhytoEssencing (deep, soul-level healing work with essential oils) and the Natural Health Science System which he designed following many years of research and clinical practice, and includes traditional naturopathy, herbology, nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy, exercise, as well as East/West healing arts/bodywork.